Friday, October 23, 2009

New Microsoft Windows 7 to be available in Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba

October 23, 2009. The new Microsoft Windows 7 which has just been launched into the Nigerian market will be available in local African languages including Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba within 18 to 24 months, Microsoft has said.

This much was made known at the recent launch of Window 7 for installation on new computers and for purchase in computer retail outlets across the world including Nigeria. Window 7, Microsoft’s newest version of its popular windows desktop operating system, which the company promises will be the best yet to be distributed by it, would be available in 14 languages including English, French and Portuguese and 19 more languages by October 31,.

Country Manager for Microsoft Nigeria, Emmanuel Onyeje, said, “Windows 7 represents years of in-depth listening to our customers and partners around the globe, and is the most well- researched, well-planned Windows release ever.”

Onyeje added that, “Eight million people took part in our Window 7 beta testing program worldwide, including Windows users from continent. This input and feedback helped shape Window 7 into a product that people really wanted. In fact 91% of Window 7 release candidate testers told us they would recommend Windows 7. We are incredibly excited and humbled at the response so far.”

Microsoft partners who sell and distribute Window 7 in Nigeria are excited at the opportunities the product would bring.

According to Chief Information Officer (CIO), at First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Olayinka Oni, “Windows 7 is an excellent operating system. We are moving everyone in our organisation to Windows 7. It is faster, less resource hungry, runs smoothly and has no issues.”

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Signal Alliance, Adanma Onuegbu, said, “Windows 7 is beautiful. It is very fast and easy to use. There are not too many processes to get what you want done. I am so excited about Windows 7 and we are already recommending it to all our customers. Microsoft really took time to create this OS. It is a great improvement on the previous ones.”

According to Microsoft, more than a billion people around the world, of every language and every culture, use windows everyday at work, at home and on the go. The software company observes that each version of Windows released over the years is released with more features and better ways of working together with team members and staying in touch with friends and family. This, according to Microsoft makes general computer usage refined and simplified to allow almost anyone to quickly learn how to use a computer.

“With Windows 7, Microsoft has taken this level of improvement one step further. A billion Windows users worldwide gave great opportunity to listen and learn. That is how the company developed Window 7. Windows 7 has something for everyone: For consumers, Microsoft designed Windows 7 to be more reliable, more responsive and to make the things customers do every day easier,” Microsoft added.

The new Windows 7 was designed for small to medium-sized businesses using operating system for work, whether people work from their company office, from home or on the go. Window 7 works the way you want, enables you to get more done and keeps your work safe. Microsoft has developed different version of Window 7 to cater to the different things people want to do with their PC. This includes Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic which is ideal for first-time PC buyers or those looking to purchase a PC loaded with Windows 7 on a budget; Windows 7 Premium which is best for consumers and provides the best gaming and entertainment experience on PC; Windows 7 Professional is ideal for the small to medium sized business user and has all features needed for any job, with media and entertainment features from Windows 7 Premium; and the Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate which is most versatile and powerful editions designed to address both enterprise customers and consumers who runs high end computers.

Windows 7, which was launched at Jade Garden, Isaac John, Ikeja, Lagos, would be available on new computers and at certified Microsoft resellers in Nigeria, including PC Outlet, Park ‘n’ Shop and Marquis from mid November 2009.

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