Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glo Introduces New Ways in Fixed Line Services

Globacom has announced launch of its Glo Broad Access service, which offers the convergence of advanced voice, advanced data and advanced video in a single wired line, a new revolution which would change the Nigerian telecommunications industry.

The Group Chief Operating Officer, Globacom, Mr. Mohamed Jameel, said "Apart from being affordable, the phone lines would also provide value-added services such as 3-party conference call, alarm clock, call waiting and diversion, caller identity recognition (CLIR) and a host of other exciting features”.

He added that "The Glo prepaid fixed lines can be recharged using normal Glo mobile recharge cards, which are available at Gloworld shops and almost at every street corner".

Jameel, noted that packages included in the service are video conferencing, which would help to reduce travel and thus enhance enterprise productivity, fast broadband internet which allows for interactive gaming, video streaming, high speed downloads and simultaneous "Talk & Surf" on the connection.

"Glo Broad Access will also offer consumers their favourite local and foreign cable TV channels subject to agreement with broadcast right owners, using the same magical digital wire or dedicated Glo fixed line," he said.

With the introduction of this new service, Glo would be bringing Nigeria closer to the advanced nations that have long enjoyed the benefits of broadband services, which include convergence, high speed internet and video and television on demand at very low cost.

The service is expected to have a significant impact on the way Nigerians work, conduct business, pursue their education, obtain information and get entertained, and thus allow subscribers to use the same dedicated Glo fixed line in their homes and offices for voice call, internet connection, video conferencing and cable television.

Glo Broad Access is anchored on Globacom's state-of-the-art optical fibre cable (OFC) that connects over 40 cities in Nigeria and is reputed to be the largest OFC network, not just in Nigeria but in Africa. This network will enable users of Glo Broad Access to harness the power of instant connectivity, congestion-free traffic, and high capacity for enormous volumes of voice, data and video as well as economy and affordability which would lead to the overall economic development of the nation.

According to the Group Chief Operating Officer, Globacom, the service offerings from Glo Broad Access include landline telephony on IP/MPLS-enabled optic fibre for distortion-free clarity, 24/7 connectivity and stability of connection at a price that would put smiles on the faces of Nigerians.