Friday, November 20, 2009

Next mobile broadband baseline to be 21 Mbps

According to an industry-wide global survey by Global mobile Suppliers Association(GSA) operated via its website and on the ground at conferences noted that majority of people in the telecommunication industry are of the opinion that the next baseline for mobile broadband peak downlink data speed would be 21 Mbps HSPA+.

There was little difference between respondent groups (operators, suppliers, others) as the majority in each group selected 21 Mbps as the most likely.

Most agreed that the new baseline of 21 Mbps peak downlink will be reached by 2010 due to it being reasonably cost effective and straightforward to achieve, and is thus seen as the next logically evolutionary step for mobile broadband.

Some respondents noted that speed alone is not a sufficiently complete indicator for the user experience. A holistic indicator for quality of user experience has been proposed instead, while adding that the holistic indicator would embrace context awareness and the essence of the network capability to deliver services and applications to a mobile user. GSA will consider this aspect further.

The survey requested for views about when HSPA+ as a technology would become the new benchmark i.e. supporting some HSPA+ features but not necessarily a higher peak data rate, for example, utilising such features as: discontinuous transmission and reception (for extended battery time), CS Voice over HSPA (increases talk time), and shorter set-up times.

The results confirmed that most (59 percent) believed that this would be reached in 2010, 29 percent stating it would be 2011, and 12 percent indicating 2012 or later.

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