Monday, December 7, 2009

Zain provides increase access to affordable telecommunication service

In order to empower more Nigerians to communicate regardless of their income level, location, social status and age, leading mobile operator Zain Nigeria has commenced another phase of its Fixed Payphones rollout across the country.

The company has started to designate the fixed payphone terminals in public location in the country.

Marketing Director, Zain Nigeria, Mostafa Younes said the rollout is part of the company’s robust plan to help Nigerians improve on its universal access and rural connectivity rating and the number of Nigerians that can afford telecommunications services.

He said the Fixed Payphones is being used as a platform by the company to bring tangible benefits to Nigerians adding that it would enable customers experience the Zain brand.

“With Zain Fixed Payphones, people in various locations in the country, especially students, residents and workers in places where the use of mobile phones is restricted, will now have access to more affordable telephony services”, said Younes.
According to him, the service can also be used by people who do not immediately have airtime on their mobile phones, rural dwellers, new customers on the Zain network and customers who do not have the financial means to purchase handsets.

He added that users of the fixed payphones do not require handsets as their special SIM cards would enable them access any fixed payphone terminal across the country.
Younes noted that the planned deployment, which was the first by any GSM operator in the country, would go a long way in breaking barriers to communication services while reducing the cost of becoming a GSM subscriber as it offers customers with unique phone numbers, PIN and PUK with access to voice calls and SMS.

He revealed that the company is seeking to deploy the phones in different locations such as the prisons, model markets, bus/motor parks, high foot traffic bridges, shopping malls, Zain shops, beside ATM machines, federal and state secretariats and barracks.

He also explained that the service provides voice and SMS telephone services to customers in locations where they are installed, while adding that with the service, a user does not need to own a handset to stay connected with friends, family members and loved ones.

The benefits of Zain Fixed Phones include ease of use, convenience, ability to monitor calls, elimination of the inconvenience of carrying phones or handset, accurate and transparent billing, easy access to communication services, ability to make and receive calls, send SMS at anytime at affordable rate, amongst others advantages, said Marketing Director.

He added that users can also send and receive SMS, retrieve voicemails, check credit balance, and send “credit me” or “Call Me Back” (Value Added Service or SMS service from Zain) using the terminal.
To use Fixed Phones to make calls, the user is expected to insert a special SIM card into the device and dial the number he or she wants to call.

The Fixed Wireless Payphone is a special device designed to serve people in rural/urban areas, universities, secondary schools, military institutions, hospitals, prisons and other locations where access to telecom service is constrained because of restriction in the use of mobile phones, high cost of handset or call tariff.

The introduction of Fixed Wireless Payphones was pioneered by Zain and the service was initially piloted in selected schools including Covenant University, Ota, hospitals, and secondary schools with boarding facilities and more recently at the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) premises.

Zain’s fixed payphones target students, travelers, low income earners, those who reside or work in locations where access to phones are either limited or restricted, and also to those who would like to take advantage of the unique benefits of the service.


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