Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Danisat communication sues Dalsy limited over unreturned proceeds from sales

Danisat Communication Limited, a Thuraya telecommunication company has filed a law suit against Dalsy Limited over the refusal to return proceeds from goods worth over 18 million at the Federal High Court, Lagos.

Danisat’s counsel, Kunbi Braithwaite said Dalsy which had since entered into an agreement with Danisat to sell its products, adding that in 2003 the defendant purchased goods worth over 18 million from the company and refused to remit the proceeds from the sale of the goods.

He said his client confirmed that the defendant has spent the returns from the sale of the product without the knowledge and authority of Danisat.

According to him, the defendant refunded 2 million from the total amount on March 10, 2006 while Dalsy claimed that remaining amount was lost in a failed business to a third party.

Meanwhile, Dalsy denied every allegation contained in the fact provided by Danisat Communication, according to Technology Times findings.

The defendant claimed that Danisat brought the matter to court because it resorted to blackmail the company and has always threatening to go public especially to embarrass the third defendant in the case, David Brigidi who is a senator, all because of his perceived political status.

Also according to the findings, the defendant said the statement of account provided by Danisat was in respect of offshore business that had nothing to do with the plaintiff.

Dalsy in 2004 made supplies worth N16, 385, I42 out of the phones and accessories bought from Danisat to a customer, Simon Tor Melobo which he failed to pay for the demand as expected.

Melobo who was the former General Manager of Radio Benue and Former General Manager of Benue state owned newspaper, “The Voice” died in 2006 while he was yet to the said amount of good purchased from the defendant.

The defendant in a statement to the court claimed that the company didn't spend the money but was lost in a failed business with a third party to the knowledge of Danisat.

Danisat’s counsel denied the claim by the defendant, adding that it's all a lie, while case has been adjourned to March 11, 2010 for further trial.