Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Nigerian Communications Commission has announced that with effect from January 7th, 2010 the interconnect exchange licenses from Integrated Wireless Technologies Nigeria Limited and Telexchange Services Limited stands revoked.

This much was made known by the regulator on its site on January 13, 2009.

The commission stated that the two licensees have refused to commence operations in contravention of the provision of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (the Act) and conditions attached to their licenses.

The commission said it acted according to the required Act and the license terms and conditions, and gave reasonable opportunities to the licensees to be heard by issuing both Notice of Breach and Notice of Intention to revoke the licenses to the licensees.

The commission added that the powers conferred under the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003 has determined its decision to revoke the interconnect exchanges licenses from Integrated Wireless Technologies Nigeria limited with license number ICEX/001/04 and Telexchange Services limited with license number ICEX/003/04.

The regulator noted that it acted on Section 45 of its Act, the commission (Enforcement Process, etc.) regulations 2005 and other powers enabling it in that behalf.

The Commission informs the general public and all stakeholders in the telecommunications industry that it has revoked the Interconnect Exchange Licenses awarded to the under listed licensees with effect from the above date.

Other Interconnect exchange licenses not revoked includes, Exchange Telecom Limited, Medallion Communications Limited, Interconnect Clearing House Limited, Niconnx Communications Limited, Breeze Micro Limited, and Solid Interconnectivity Services Limited.

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