Friday, July 23, 2010

OCZ Technology Offers The World's Fastest High-Density 4GB DDR3 RAM

OCZ Technology Group, a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and memory modules for computing devices and systems, has unveiled a new high-speed 4GB (4096MB) modules for users who demand both performance and bandwidth in one memory solution.

OCZ Technology said, this would give enthusiasts and prosumers access to not only high-density but also to high-frequency memory kits that ensures the system RAM would never be the bottleneck during intensive multi-tasking, gaming, or home server environments.

CMO, OCZ Technology Group, Alex Mei, said, "Usually high speed and high density don't go hand in hand, but our newly introduced high density 2133MHz memory solutions are engineered to do exactly that. Designed for more than just raw speed, these new kits deliver an excellent blend of performance, density and reliability for a wide range of applications ranging from rendering video to smoother gameplay on the latest titles."

OCZ Technology said that large high-definition multi-media files are becoming progressively more ubiquitous in all facets of entertainment, while adding that there is need to address the steady need for increased system memory combined with maximum speeds for users looking to take their gaming or productivity to the next level.

The company added that the RAM was engineered for intensive design and editing applications, while the 4GB solutions would enable graphic designers, CAD engineers, and music/video professionals to benefit from increased memory resources.

OCZ Technology pointed out that the 4GB modules are configured for a variety of needs and budgets from the Flex EX and Reaper HPC Series for experienced overclockers and high-end users to the Platinum Series for entry-level enthusiasts and gamers.

According to OCZ Technology, the Modules are available in either 8GB dual channel or 12GB triple channel kits and reach industry-leading frequencies up to 2133MHz, while adding that all 4GB modules operate at a low-voltage specification of 1.65V and are tested and qualified on the latest AMD and Intel platforms to ensure ultimate performance and stability.

OCZ Technology added that each module comes backed by the industry-leading OCZ Lifetime Warranty and technical support for unparalleled peace of mind.

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