Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dell Boosts Nigerian Business Environment with New Enterprise Solutions

Dell has announced plans to launch two new enterprise solutions (a “technology boost”) targeted at optimising computing throughout Nigerian companies and West African computing environment.

These new Dell products are the ‘Cloud Infrastructure Solutions’ and the ‘Intelligent Data Management’ suite of solutions, according to Dell.

Dell said they would leverage their Cloud Infrastructure Solutions suite across developing markets, looking to build efficient, affordable cloud computing environments for large corporate and public sector organisations.

Leveraging years of experience and customer collaboration as the infrastructure partner of the world’s largest cloud service providers and hyperscale environments, Dell would be delivering new integrated solution stacks, services and hardware that simplify the deployment and management of computing environments.

With presence in over 180 countries, the current portfolio of flexible computing solutions and services is a broad one, extending from intelligent nodes and terminals through virtual desktops to granular applications and profile options.

Dell officials noted that this approach gives customers outstanding flexibility to centralise and control desktop management while enjoying the uncompromised experience of a full PC. As a result, organisations can now more than ever, maximise workforce management and productivity.

Dell President, Steve Schuckernbrock, said, "All these developments are geared towards meeting business and individual IT needs .Customers have spoken loud and clear for more than 20 years that they prefer open, standards-based IT solutions that help them retain flexibility and drive down cost.”

According to Schuckernbrock, gone are the days when one vendor could dominate a customer’s technology infrastructure. “The pendulum has swung towards open and interoperable systems and Dell has the experience and know-how to deliver. Dell offers open and heterogeneous technology, partnerships and services so customers can grow their business without being weighed down by legacy approaches.”

Dell said that its Intelligent Data Management suite leverages the company’s leadership in storage hardware, software and data management services, adding that Its differentiated approach to managing information across the enterprise creates new levels of access, availability and protection through the use of next-gen object storage, deduplication and unified storage moving from the core of the datacentre to the cloud while giving businesses and organisations a differentiated alternative to closed, proprietary stacks.

Dell added "According to latest research by IDC, there will be 1,800 exabytes of new data by 2011 – 95 percent of it will be unstructured and 90 percent never touched after it is created. More than ever, customers and businesses are dealing with two fundamental pain points – managing, storing and protecting data that is being generated by customers, partners and employees and managing and operating the infrastructure and applications needed to run business".

The company noted that its suite of solutions provide comprehensive computing, deploying its efficient enterprise architecture and thus added that it optimises and leverage virtualization, application provisioning and automation to radically reduce operational costs by delivering a flexible platform for the delivery of business services.

According to Dell, the business services combined with its unique architecture ensures that customers have access to its ever swelling bank of New Solutions (incorporating tested and supported cloud solution stacks made up of hardware, software and services) putting customers on the fast track to efficient, easy-to-deploy and manage cloud computing environments.

Showcasing the benefits of strategic alliances and partnerships, Dell said its architecture also brings on board New Partners who provide certified offerings, accompanied by blueprints from leading cloud independent software vendors (ISVs) that help customers deploy infrastructure and data Clouds.

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