Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not All Mobile Devices from China are Fake – Nokia

The Head of Government Affairs for Nokia Middle East and Africa, Jussi Hinkkanen, has announced that not all mobile devices manufactured in china are substandard. This was made known during a media tour of Nokia’s manufacturing facility in China recently.
 Olli Pekka Kalasvuo, Nokia CEO
Hinkkanen said the plant is one of Nokia’s nine manufacturing facilities across the world and the phones produced there undergo the same stringent quality controls and tests that have made Nokia the world’s leading brand in mobile devices. 
The Nokia executive added that many counterfeit phones are indeed produced in China and described the act as a global criminal activity that affects many successful consumer product companies in a wide range of industries and Nokia is not an exception.
According to Hinkanen, ‘wherever it exists, counterfeiting damages local economies and negatively affects people with legitimate jobs in the supply chain’.
Nokia noted that in a bid to protect unsuspecting buyers from the apparent hazards of these devices, they have adopted a hard line policy with its authorized distributors and retailers with regards to counterfeit products.
Through a dedicated field force, Nokia said they are able to monitor which outlets are selling counterfeit products and these retailers can be penalized by not receiving rebates, incentives and market support. They may also lose their license as Nokia authorized dealers.
The Communications Manager of Nokia West Africa, Osagie Ogunbor said though Nokia abhors the apparent menace of the counterfeit products, the job of effectively addressing the negative trend rests squarely on regulatory agencies. He said a good way for consumers to ensure that they are purchasing the genuine devices is to patronize genuine Nokia outlets.
Ogunbor said, "It is important for consumers to understand the risks of buying counterfeit mobile phones, which in spite of their poor quality offer the consumer no recourse in terms of warranty or after sales service".
He added that "these devices can be harmful because there is no standardization of the materials used to produce them. All these, he said, places the unsuspecting consumer at a high risk".
Nokia said its the world’s number one manufacturer of mobile devices by market share. Beyond its leadership status as a manufacturer of devices, the company added that its fast becoming a leading solutions provider in the converging Internet and communications industries providing internet services that enable users to experience media, messaging, maps and games.