Wednesday, October 27, 2010


L-R: Mr. Tomi Davies COO, Michele Scanlon CCO, Mr Johnson Salako CEO, Mobitel, and MD Skye Bank Durosimi-Etti at the Event Launch in Eko Hotels in Lagos.

Mobitel Limited has stated that with its fourth generation (4G)  access, WiMAX-LTE wireless broadband services in Nigeria, users experiences in the use of the Internet would change the way businesses and individuals communicate.

With the launch of this services at Eko hotel in Lagos, Mobitel said its services are available using different access devices which includes indoor, outdoor and mobile unit depending on the requirements for individuals, families or corporate usage.

The device which is a plug and play requiring no end-user installation or setup would deliver voice and Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple users while providing potential cost savings to users, Mobitel added.

The Chief Executive Officer, Mobitel, Johnson Salako, said the group is ready to deliver the best customer experience in all aspects of telecommunication service delivery as Africa’s most successful 4G network.

With 70 million Dollars already invested, Salako said for the entire country to be fully 4G enabled it would invest 350 million Dollars using MainOne’s cables.

He said that connecting fibre to every home would not be the best option to connect everybody while stating that WiMAX would be the best option to cover the entire nation which they would deployed by co-locating  with the telecoms infrastructures already in place.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mobitel, Tomi Davies, said the issues of congestion in its network would not be experienced as they have made all necessary partnership and capacity availble for the Nigerian market.

According to him, “ We are familiar with this market and the migration of users from one network to the other. We are here to make sure that our customers are satisfied while maintaining a good quality of service”

The COO added “ we have already started with coverage in Lagos which we expect to be fully 4G enabled before the end of the year and covering 11 cities before the end of 2011 while the nation would be covered before the end of the  fourth quarter in 2012”.

Mobitel’s Chief Commercial Officer (CMO), Michele Scanlon, said that the company would be launching an edge devices and services packages that push the boundary in performance terms to deliver an enhanced experience to its customers.

She noted that the pricing of Mobitel’s products are competitive, while adding that pricing is not all that it takes, that it involves sustainability, quality of service and consistency in ensuring that customers are satisfied.

Using its 2.3GHz spectrum and partnering with leading global technology providers such as Vocaltec, Alvarion and DragonWave, Mobitel assured its customers that it would deliver best in class telecommunications services that would make connections easier and smoother through leading-edge access devices.

The company said that existing customers and new clients can access its network in Lekki, Ikoyi, and Victoria Island axis of Lagos immediately and iterated that before the end of the year it would deploy its services in other parts of the state.