Sunday, February 6, 2011


Nokia Nigeria has released another innovative service the ‘Ovi Life Tools’ (OLT) that provides mobile solutions service that is affordable, with quality, and locally relevant information directly to the consumers.

The service offers a wide range of information services covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment. The service addresses the needs of consumers with the vision to provide livelihood and life-impacting benefits to improve their economic prosperity and quality of life.

The service which works without any GPRS plan delivers updates via SMS to the OLT inbox in a graphically rich and easy to read format in the user’s local language. It is available for Airtel and Glo subscribers at the moment but would be available for other networks. It is effective and very user friendly. The Nokia 2690 supports the new service in Nigeria.

The Ovi life tool would help develop and disseminate information to people in rural areas. Fast and effective communication coupled with locally relevant information to promote economic growth and productivity.

Mobile phones are widely used by people in rural areas; for many, it is their primary source of information.  The innovative service that has tremendous potential to improve lives and the livelihood of farmers and sub-urban consumers.
Nokia has been working with a number of partners in building Ovi Life Tools in order to develop a healthy ecosystem for all stakeholders in the value chain including mobileoperators, content providers and service providers.

The service is available to consumers via subscription or on demand. Consumers can activate the service from an icon on the menu of the device and can choose any one of four selected services to enjoy a 7days free trial use. Beside the free service, users can also subscribe to the other premium content offered in the menu.
Healthcare services:
The healthcare service features information on topics
which includes
Mother & Child: Pregnancy advice/Child care – This service advices the users on health, nutrition and fitness as an expected mother. Individuals can get personalized information by entering  either estimated due date or the first day of the last menstrual period. The user can pay on periodic basis at N200.00 for 30days or pay N20 to receive a tip on health and nutrition for expectant mothers. On the child care service, individuals receives advice to help care for the child under the age of 5 and also obtain personalized information by entering the child’s date of birth and location with the 6 geographic zones in Nigeria at the same rate with pregnancy advice.
Health and Fitness: Users receives messages on a range of health, nutrition, hygiene and fitness related topics based on their gender( Men/Women health) with content delivered in local language specific to the age of the user. The user can pay N200.00 for 30days or N20.00 for one Sms.
Disease Information: This gives the user health tips based on the disease available from the options such as HIV/AIDS, hypertension, and diabetes.  It Informs the users on safety, fitness, lifestyle and medicare.
Agriculture services: This gives the user news on agriculture and advice on market prices and weather reports regularly while paying N250.00 for 30 days or N30 for one Sms.The Agri service covers the 25 major crops/commodities at launch while more will be progressively added.  It also have market Prices for 111 marketplaces in Nigeria, with 3 market places for each state in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The user makes the selection of the 3 crops/commodities that she wishes to be informed regularly about. This hyper local service is personalized to those 3 crops for user’s region. The user will receive daily crop tips and best practices on agriculture based on the choice of crop/commodity and agriculture news that is relevant to the location of the user. The crop tips are localized advice based on crop life cycle.

Education services: This service is divided into two sections the “ Learn English”  which the user receives words and quizzes to help learn english, and  “Exam Results” where the user receives WAEC last exams results via message by entering PIN and exam number. The user would pay N200.00 for 30days or N20.00 for one Sms. The service comes with three levels  – Easy, Medium, and Difficult and languages – English, English with Hausa and English with Pidgin enabling users to make their choice.

The learning outcomes of the Easy level are 70% common conversational words and 30% common phrases using simple sentences; the learning outcomes of Medium level are 30% intermediate vocabulary, 40% common phrases and 30% on constructs like verbs, tenses. using simple sentences, while the Difficult level focuses on 50% on advanced vocabulary and 50% using intermediate sentences. Each of the three levels – Easy, Medium, Difficult are separate subscription services to enable the users to choose the service based on their current knowledge. The General Knowledge allows users to keep themselves updated with general knowledge, important information and vital facts about their state, country and the world via daily messages. This service focuses 60% on region or state level, 30% on national level and 10% international information.
Entertainment services: The entertainment service includes football, music, news, horoscope, jokes, and entertainment gist. The service would cost the user N200.00 for 30days or N25 for one Sms pending on their choices.
Football: This service keeps users updated on news, scores, and analysis on their favorite football club and the players. On match days, the users will receive 8 updates during the match time spaced from start to end of the match covering key items like goals, score updates, penalties and final result while having a choice of 12 football clubs, national and international.
 Music: This service allows the user access to a variety of music services like MonoTones, TrueTones, PolyTones categorized into Naija Top 10, World Top 10, HipHop, Oldies, Gospel RnB smooth,Rock and alternatives. The user can download music by paying N100.00 deductable from their current balance in their phones.
News: This service allows the user to keep up-to-date with the latest International, National and Sports news and pays N30.00 for one Sms.
Horoscope: This service allows user to access daily predictions based on Sun Signs of choice and pays N50.00 for one Sms
Jokes: This service allows user access to a daily dose of humor in the form of jokes and and pays N50.00 for one Sms
Entertainment Gist: This service allows user to keep up-to-date on the gossip around the entertainment industry and popular personalities and and pays N20.00 for one Sms.