Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nokia Outline Support Programme for Local App Developers

Nokia Head of Solutions Sales, Praveen Shetty has revealed that Nokia is committed to supporting local developers in building innovative applications on its proprietary platform – the Ovi store.

Praveen Shetty was speaking at the monthly Mobile Monday (MoMo) meeting held in Lagos.

According to him Nokia’s decision to support developers is based on the need to have a rich ecosystem of exciting locally-built applications to suit the needs of Nigerians. He disclosed those 2 months ago, Nokia organized free three-day training for over 200 Nigerian developers. 

The Solutions Sales Manager denied speculations that Nokia was on the verge of facing out phones built on the symbiam platform. According to him, Nokia has actually developed new symbian updates, which have greatly improved the user-interface of most Nokia phones. He disclosed that the much awaited windows phone will hit some markets in the last quarter of this year.

Most of the participants at the Mobile Monday session (MoMo) expressed delight at Nokia’s willingness to avail developers of their platform to build applications for phone users. They believe this will go a long way in reducing the level of unemployment in the country as young creative developer’s stand a chance of earning revenue from downloads on Ovi store.

Nokia’s new monetization opportunities for developers are tailored for local markets and include integrated operator billing with 112 operators in 36 markets, more than 25 times more operator billing integrations than Nokia’s nearest competitor. 

Ovi Store has seen integrated operator billing increase consumer transactions by up to four times and this, coupled with Nokia’s beta programs for in-app billing and in-app advertising, means more revenue opportunities for developers on Symbian.