Friday, September 16, 2011

Etisalat Introduces E-top Up

Etisalat Nigeria has announced the introduction of its virtual Top Up product called the “E-Top Up” into the market. This is in line with its commitment to constantly provide world class products and services that offer convenience and affordability.

E-Top Up is a convenient, electronic and PIN-less way to recharge prepaid & postpaid mobile lines. It is a service that enables direct top up of Etisalat lines with airtime between the values of N50 and N50,00 to subscribers without using cards or vouchers. To recharge using E-Top up, a customer is required to visit an airtime vendor, pay the required amount of airtime and the subscriber’s phone would be instantly credited. As added incentive, subscribers get 10% bonus airtime for all recharges of N200 and above.

Besides subscribers, E-top up offers Etisalat Distribution Partners and Sub- distribution partners seamless access to airtime removing the bottlenecks associated with moving stock around, and it helps grow their distribution channel by allowing them register as many resellers as possible with any new or existing Etisalat SIM. Individuals who desire to become distributors should visit the nearest Etisalat Distribution Partner office, to complete and submit the e-top up registration form.

Etisalat Chief Commercial officer, Wael Ammar said that Etisalat’s intent is to give its subscribers the best experience through simple and convenient services. According to him ‘e-Top Up offers convenience on all fronts. For our subscribers, it requires no scratching of recharge cards and imputing of long recharge digits. It allows subscribers recharge lines of their family and friends from any location regardless of the amount. For distribution partners, it is an easier way to sell airtime. As a business, our goal is to continually give our subscribers simple and convenient yet affordable services, keeping them delighted on our network.’

Wael explicated that all E-top up recharges extends the customer’s validity by 90days from the day of recharge, and is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at all Etisalat experience Centers, Distribution Partners’ Outlets, Sub- distribution Partners’ outlets, retail outlets, Etisalat trade Agents and airtime vendors. Subscribers can make further enquires on E-top Up by calling the toll free customer care line on 200 or send a mail to