Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nokia Doles out 1 million Euros in App Developer Contest

Nokia is set to connect the next billion to the internet using its platform, the Nokia phone.

One of the moves is to push for the development of quality applications for their S40 mobile platform.

The Head of Nokia’s Ecosystem Developer Experience (EDX) for West Africa Teemu Kiijarvi said developers across the world stand a chance of winning a total of one million euros just by building apps and entering them for the competition tagged create4millions contest.

Kiijarvi noted that the deadline for the submission of apps for the contest is now November 1, while adding that on the choice of the S40 mobile platform, it is the world’s largest mobile operating system and this aligns with Nokia’s strategy of connecting the next one billion people to the internet via mobile.

According to him, Nokia is challenging developers to submit apps on social networking, games and entertainment, life improvement as well as news and locally relevant information apps. The winners in the global competition will share one million euros in price money.

He disclosed that Nokia is also running a local version of this competition and the best application from West Africa will receive a prize of 5000 dollars and all the best 3 applications from West Africa will get an all-expense paid trip to Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona Spain to present West African developers. 

There are also special prizes that will be awarded to apps showcasing the best touch feature in an app; the best location-aware app; and the best overall Series 40 web app.