Monday, October 10, 2011


Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC,  Dr. Eugene Juwah.

In a bid to inject greater dynamism in the functional delivery of assignments, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC, Eugene Juwah has delegated new positions for members of staff.

Juwah said that the change would produce well rounded staff with broad knowledge of the Commission and its mandates.

The staff movement involves three directors, two deputy directors, eight assistant directors and more than a dozen other managers moved to new positions.

The new postings saw the appointment of Abdullahi Maikano, a deputy director as the new Secretary of the Universal Service Provision Fund, USPF, while the director and former secretary of the fund, Funso Fayomi, was moved to head the Projects department of the Commission.

In the movement, the erstwhile Director of Human Capital and Infrastructure, Tony Ojobo, was appointed as the Director of Public Affairs, a position he swapped with the former Director of Public Affairs, Dave Imoko, who now takes charge of the Human Capital and Infrastructure department as the director.

Ayodeji Sofolahan, a deputy director and former head of administration swapped positions with Sikiru Ibitoye, an assistant director and former Head, Government and Legislative Affairs, GLA, while A. K Yakubu, an assistant director in charge of Consultancy Unit at the Corporate Planning and Strategy department now  moved to head the Information, Technology Project unit of USPF.

Ike Adinde, an assistant director and former Head, Procurement, swapped positions with the Chukwuma Azikiwe, an assistant director in the Human Capital department.

Also in the movements, Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, an assistant director and former head of finance at USPF, moved to the Finance department of the Commission while her position at USPF was taken over by Nkechi Obiekwe.

Bako Wakil also an assistant director who was in charge of Information Technology unit of USPF was moved to the Technical Standards and Network Integrity, TSNI, department while Haru Alhassan, an assistant director, formerly of the TSNI,  moved to the department of New Media and Information Security, NMIS, department.

Someira Jumbo, an assistant director in TSNI moved to a new desk to head the Quality of Service unit of the same department. 
Okechukwu Aninweke, a Principal Manager now heads the Lagos Zonal Office of the Commission while M.L Ibrahim, now heads the Kano Zonal Office of the Commission, a position he swapped with Adamu Amshi, a principal manager is now posted to the administration department at NCC headquarters.

Also affected were Ogbonnaya Ugama, Miss Freda Murray-Bruce, both principal managers who were now moved to the Corporate Planning and Strategy Department from their respective USPF, and Projects department.

The new chief image maker of the Commission, Tony Ojobo, who has assumed duties, comes to the new position with deep knowledge of the industry, with M.Sc. in Public Administration from the University of Lagos, and an MBA degree in marketing with specialization in branding.