Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The New Nokia Browser

Nokia is said to be connecting the next 1 billion users via its new browser.

The new Nokia browser would change the experiences of users surfing the Internet by ensuring speed, less cost and usability.

The browser would help users to localize startup page and also find best content while surfing the Internet. It would also save time and money for the users with low data charges and less waiting time.

The service manager EDX-West Africa for Nokia, Balogun Olumide, said that the 90% compression ensures that the information is processed at a faster speed by enabling the page to load on maximum speed.

He noted that the cloud-based rendering technology delivers optimized Internet content by compressing the pages while reducing cost for the users.

On the operators’ side of view, Olumide, said, Nokia browser was built to reduce cost for the operators, while encouraging more data usage for users without overloading the network.

According to him, “with the browser users can easily search for content or enter URLs in a snap using the always available, search integrated address field. As users type, the predictive technology would provide a list of recently visited URLs, enabling the users to type less and load their content even faster”.

Nokia Browser includes all the security features. It also enables users to delete saved passwords, disable and delete cookies, and prevent passwords and form history from being saved. Nokia Browser also flags secure sites with an easy to recognize icon so that the users can always be in control.

The browser is on S40 and S60 Nokia devices.