Monday, November 21, 2011

TXT Group Set to Launch Product in Nigeria

TXT Europe, a leading mobile and internet services provider is set to launch the group’s flagship product, Casual Work Market in the European market and also set to roll out in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Kenya.

Casual Work Market is a social commerce platform that facilitates the seamless listing, discovery and engagement of people looking to give or offering to do small jobs and services.  It acts as a digital notice-board for the listing of job offers and facilitates discovery of jobs within varying work types from putting up shelving, fixing a leak in the shower, to doing domestic work such as baby sitting, pet-walking, cleaning or cooking. The platform allows people to effortlessly search for job seekers based on their unique need and criterion.  

CEO of TXT Group, Nii Laryea, expressed excitement at the introduction of the service. He said “The mobile internet has empowered our generation to do things differently, creating waves of change and positive disruptions across all industries and it’s that same thinking that has been applied to the problem of unemployment or under-employment and matching causal or professional abilities to one time small job offers and identifiable opportunities.”

“The socio-economic benefits of the platform cannot be overlooked, allowing as it does, individuals to establish a secondary source of income by offering to work within their casual or professional abilities and convenience,” he added.

To better manage the scaling of resources and support required for a worldwide launch, TXT EUROPE, noted that the Group’s vision and objectives would initially make the service available in The Netherlands and then in Germany, The United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria before an eventual world-wide roll out.

Laryea confirmed that in ensuring that the platform becomes the preferred destination for micro-entrepreneurs, opportunity seekers and givers alike, the TXT Group has taken steps to establish strategic partnerships and relationships with the security, social welfare and social security agencies of all countries as well as key cultural organizations, such as community groups, its leadership and religious groups and bodies.

This he said was to ensure the safety of all parties and more importantly ensure that Casual Work Market plays a key role within these communities and in job creation.