Friday, March 2, 2012

Facebook introduces mobile advertising

Facebook has ushered in advertising for its mobile apps and website.
The new Premium on Facebook offer allows businesses to insert ads in a Facebook user's news feed, both on the desktop and mobile versions of the social network.

Previously, Facebook did not include ads on the mobile version. The log-out page will also be opened up to advertising. The ads are included only if the user has 'liked' the brand's page on Facebook.

Facebook is also expatiating the features on business pages, allowing them to access more of the options available to individuals, such as adding photos and a timeline and communicating directly with customers.

This makes it possible for content posted on a business's page to be automatically distributed to users who have clicked ­'like' on the page.

The social network also revealed the Offers service, which allows brands to offer discounts and promotions directly to customers. These are offered through the news feed or 'sponsored stories' (paid ads). The features will start rolling out later this month.