Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nokia Rewards Top 100 Wholesalers

Nokia has rewarded top 100 Wholesalers “The Fabulous 100” through its Loyalty Program, a quarterly reward scheme to access and select top 100 Wholesalers’ of the brand.

The award was held recently at the Grandeur Event Center in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nokia rewarded Wholesalers in three broad categories including; Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Gold awardees asides cash rewards won a 4-day all-expense paid trip to Paris with their spouses. The chief executives of Finest Communications, Dallas Communications and SLOT Systems were the lucky winners. 

In his remark during the event, Vice President Nokia West Africa, James Rutherford said the Nokia Loyalty Programme was conceived to inspire competitive drive among the wholesalers to desire to belong in the top 100 thus increasing stock up volumes.

He said that the Top 100 were selected based on their performance, adding that other Wholesalers  who scale up  their drive and meet the set criteria would also be duly rewarded as the event will be held on quarterly basis starting from 2012.

Shedding more light on the reason for the Loyalty scheme, Rutherford said that the scheme will also enable the brand foster a sense of belonging and partnership between the brand and its wholesalers, with a view to form a strong tie and wade into the very competitive mobile phone market.

He urged other Wholesalers of the brand to take a cue from those rewarded and position to clinch awards for themselves during the next award, while adding that the award has come to stay as a token of appreciation to Nokia’s major stakeholders.