Monday, September 24, 2012

Facebook stops face-recognition after European concerns

Facebook has stated that by October 15, 2012, it would discontinue its automated photo-tagging and delete its face-recognition database in Europe, according to an article posted by New York Times.

The European regulator in Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarter raised a legal concern about its collection of data on its European members along with a 74-page audit of Facebook's privacy practices.

However, Facebook is taking action in that respect. According to the report, the Irish Data Protection Commission asked Facebook to amend consent procedures it used to build a face-recognition database, which allows the online service to recognize individuals in photos uploaded to Facebook users and then identify those individuals in photos elsewhere on the site.

Earlier In March,  the European Commission's top privacy advisory panel, the Article 29 Working Party, deemed Facebook's photo tagging data collection practices violated EU law, which requires people to give explicit educated consent to the practice.