Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has introduced its Windows Phone 8 to the smartphone market. The new product has some interesting features like the Kid's Corner, Rooms and Live Tiles. 

The Live Tiles allows users to rearrange the Start screen, pinning favorite people, apps, music, games and photos and comes in three sizes and twenty color choices including cobalt, crimson and lime. 

In addition to Live Tiles, Windows Phone 8 features Live Apps which bring information to the Start screen, and Rooms, which allows users to share and chat with one group and create private groups of people who have Windows Phone 8 to easily connect with them. 

With the Data Sense feature, users would be able to surf the web without worrying about exceeding their data limit by deferring data tasks to free Wi-Fi and automatically adjusting usage as the user gets closer to their data limit. 

The new Operating System (OS) also supports a Wallet and near-field communication (NFC) and a new Skype app.