Thursday, November 29, 2012

7 Ways to Improve Creativity in Business

How you can improve your creativity in business by brainstorming many new high-quality ideas: 

Creativity is the key driver in any business and any market. New product and service development is driven by creative ideas, improving business processes and productivity requires creative strategies and tactics and improving your existing portfolio of products and services needs creativity and innovation as well. 
Creativity can be improved and motivated when you have a well structured approach to generate new ideas and think from different perspectives. Not everyone is equally creative and sometimes you are more creative (you have many ideas in your mind) while sometimes you are not able to easily generate new ideas. 

The good news is that most new inventions in business are just extensions of existing products, processes and services – however the way you think about innovating makes all the difference…
Here are the seven ways defined as SCAMPER which you can use to improve your creativity in business when you need to come up with new creative ideas for your business, products, services, competitors… 

What is SCAMPER? 

SCAMPER is a business creativity technique and strategy which stands for: Substitute something, Combine it with something else, Adapt something, Modify, Put it to another use, Eliminate something and Reverse.
Most new business ideas are modifications and extensions of something that already exist so thinking and going through all of these 7 categories can help you to brainstorm many productive ideas and improve creativity in business: 

1. Substitute something
You can develop new products and services by substituting components, features, materials, services, etc. The key question is – Can I add value by substituting something? 

2. Combine it with something else
By combining various elements you can create a brand new solutions. For example mixing and packaging are a few ways to create new competitive offerings. The key question is – Can I combine various existing offerings and create a better solution? 

3. Adapt something
You can take advantage of something that already exists and has been developed in another market or industry and adapted in to your business offerings and processes. 

4. Modify or Magnify
Existing products and solutions can be made bigger, faster, smaller, stronger… Think about different ways you can change your features and drive different benefits for your customer. 

5. Put it to another use
In many cases existing solutions can be used into new markets, products, services… with new customers. Sometimes existing business processes can also be put in another use. 

6. Eliminate something
Many products and services offer features that are not demanded by the end user. By eliminating and simplifying your product features you can create products that are exactly what the customer needs and by doing that you will drive your business costs down. This is a win-win situation. 

7. Reverse or Rearrange
By reversing and rearranging various elements, materials, processes… you can improve your products and processes. Think about different sequences and new arrangements in the way you do business and the way your products and services are delivered and used by your customers.

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