Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Create a Text Marketing Campaign for Your Business

In a world of ever-increasing technological capability, consumers are getting their hands on newer and newer gadgets every day, and each of these gadgets represents at least one new way for them to be reached, interact, and communicate with the people, products, and brands that matter to them most. Marketing is an integral aspect of any business, and if you really want to be a competitor in today’s market, it’s important that your business is able to reach its customers (both current and potential) wherever they are.

Since just about every single human being carries around a cellular phone these days, marketing to your clientele via text messages can actually be a savvy way to get your message out and interact with your customer base in a way that can build and sustain a genuine relationship with them.

New clients are great, but finding ways to interact and keep your current ones engaged is just as important, and text message marketing certainly gives you the best of both worlds. Still, marketing via text message is a relatively new concept when it comes to ways in which one might traditionally market a business, and how to go about starting such a campaign might not seem quite so obvious. It’s not hard, however, to set up a great SMS marketing campaign for your company, and we’ll talk about the most important ideas to keep in mind when you’re going to do so.

The first thing to do is obviously find yourself a service that will let you automate and send text messages to your customers. There will be a variety of options to choose from, and what you decide to go with depends entirely upon you. The main considerations you’ll want to make are what kind of budget you’re working with, and what level of capability you want your marketing campaign to have. 

If you want to fire off a couple of simple texts each month, then a program featuring this option will likely be less costly than one that lets you create a series of predetermined texts that are automated and sent out to new members of the campaign.

Once you’ve picked your plan, you simply need to create the campaign. Make sure you include a very clear call to action, so your customers know exactly what it is they’re dealing with. Text message marketing needs to be snappy and to the point, and it must always be opt-in only. If your customers didn’t sign up to get text message from you, do not send them. 

This can be seen as a pretty gross invasion of privacy, and you must always make sure to include an opt-out feature in your campaign. Keeping up customer engagement is easy when you’re able to fire out an SMS broadcast that features discounts, offers, news, and deals to keep your customers excited. Text marketing might be new, but it’s something you and your business can take advantage of without too much cost or effort.