Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do you think your Business website needs to be more social?

In recent times there has been a literal explosion in the use of social media, and here are some interesting stats 96% of 18-35 year olds in Nigeria are using a social network, and the biggest; Facebook, has seen its usage is up 40% year on year. Twitter is adding 300,000 users a day, also 1 in 6 Nigeria age 18-35 use twitter.

Increased demands on business

This has placed an ever increasing demand on business to engage with their customers via these new social media channels. Typically a business would use their website to update customers of new events and product updates, but as social media is becoming so popular there is an increasing Demand on business to update customers via these new channels also. These results in precious time being wasted updating the same content via multiple channels manually.

The Solution to these challenges

The solution for business is to move to a new next generation website, these use the top open source platforms and there is a plethora of free add-ons available that provide automatic publication via these social media channels, so content only needs to be updated in one place as opposed to several.

Advantages of having a website that is more engaging socially.

Connecting with customers in the way they prefer to be reached is the key to any marketing campaign’s success. Providing recognizable social icons on your website whereby visitors can easily jump to their preferred method of interaction is also a plus.
Other benefits this will provide.

By integrating your various social media channels back into your website you will ensure it remains your main central marketing platform. Also as the search engine is quickly moving towards a non-static ranking system that uses a new range of criteria including a websites profile in terms of social engagement this can also assist with your future rankings and online profiles. There are many more benefits migrating to a next generation website will afford your business.

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