Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vodacom Business Nigeria Unveils Enterprise Voice Solution for Nigerian Businesses

Vodacom Business Nigeria has unveiled its Enterprise Voice Solution for Nigerian businesses. This SIP Trunking service supports cost effective routing with high call quality as well as improved levels of service on local and international calls for enterprises in Nigeria.

 By providing direct connectivity between the customer’s PBX and the Telecom Service Provider’s switch, which runs via the Vodacom data network, the Solution  enables customers to make outbound and receive inbound calls from anywhere across the globe using their existing PBX or IP PBX system.

Vodacom Enterprise Voice Solution aims to improve productivity, increase mobility and ramp-up response time for customers, partners and even employees. This is especially true for businesses that receive large volumes of inbound calls or that run big customer service operations.  With this solution, customers can initiate and receive over 30 concurrent calls and add new lines as the business grows.

Product Manager Vodacom Business Nigeria, Abu Etu, said they have adapted the concept of SIP trunking in partnership with a licensed operator. This partnership enables us to provide direct connectivity to the operator’s switch which guarantees high voice quality. What’s more, by going this route service, availability will not be affected by any base station downtimes.

In addition, Vodacom Enterprise Voice solution will provide optimal utilization of bandwidth by delivering both data and voice in the same connection. This solution opens-up a different scope of creating other types of real time communication beyond LAN. Businesses in Nigeria now have access to high performance easy-to-use, easy-to-manage telephone solution.