Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doctor Who USB Dalek Desk Defender

The Dalek Desk Defender comes complete with a super-long USB cable, so even if your last remaining port is way in the back of your tower, your Dalek can still stand at the front lines.

The motion sensor will detect movement between 6 and 9 feet away depending on the lighting in your office. While you're sitting at your desk you can keep it in silent mode so it doesn't drive you crazy with talk of extermination. Just be sure to turn it on before you leave for lunch. Price N4,800.00

Product Specifications
Motion activated Dalek will protect your desk
Can detect movement between 6 and 9 feet away
When activated, it will shoo away intruders with talk of extermination
Plugs into any available USB port.

Three settings:  Sound & LED - Motion detector on with sound and light
LED - Motion detector and light on, no sound. Off - Motion detector off. Includes the following phrases:
Time, Jump, Imminent Repair.
Hover SFX

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