Monday, February 18, 2013

Etisalat-sponsored Nigerian Idol 3 Unveils Top 12 Contestants

There was suspense in the atmosphere as the seven Wild Card contestants and the audience gathered with the Judges to know who will join the top 12 at the Etisalat sponsored Nigerian idol 3.

At this stage, the judges are to pick two contestants while the masses will have the opportunity to vote for their best performer to join the other nine contestants who are already waiting for the next stage of the competition.

The seven Idols contestants were given a second chance in the competition to redeem themselves as they performed last week with both hands for the Judges and the people to decide their hope. 

The Wild Card votes which were audited by Alexander Forbes Consulting firm confirmed Abasiakan, who is from Akwa-Ibom as the masses choice to join the top 12 contestants.
The judges who found it very difficult to choose two contestants, however, chose Dani Angus from Lagos and Moses from Port Harcourt to join the rest of the contestants.

The contestants who made it through to the final top 12 are, Vicci from Port Harcourt, Safeeyat from Abuja, Debie Rise from Owerri, Immaculate Victoria from Lagos, Joe-Emma from Abuja, Kome from Port Harcourt, Efezino from Benin, Amara from Owerri, Jay –feel from Abuja, Abasiakan from Port Harcourt, Moses from Benin, and Dani Angus from Lagos.

The Judges encouraged the contestants who were evicted at the Wild Card stage to carry on with their music career and to keep on training to better their chances at the next season of the competition. The contestants that were evicted include, Modele, Okeyjazz, Oweck and Micheal.