Monday, March 4, 2013

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

The Bluetooth keyboard case for iPad has a silicone cover that will resist the occasional caffeinated spillage which provides noticeable tactile feedback. The case is made of soft synthetic leather and closes with a magnetic clasp. It feels good when you're carrying it around, but it isn't so hefty that you notice it. In fact, loaded up with an iPad the whole weighs just 2.75lbs, which is less than the new 13" MacBook Air.

The keyboard comes with all the function keys you'd expect with an iPad: Home, Volume, Search, and iPod Controls. Tap the Home button once and you're looking at your apps. Tap the Home button twice and you bring up a mini iPod control. Without leaving the current app, you can fire up songs on the active playlist with a touch of the Play button. You can also Pause or skip forward/backward through the active playlist. The Search button puts everything on your iPad at your fingertips.

Product Specifications: 

Attractive black synthetic leather iPad case with magnetic flap in includes fully integrated Bluetooth keyboard
 Fast and easy 3 step setup
 iPad and case together weigh less than the new 13" MacBook Air! (2.9lbs)
 iPad function keys include: Home, Volume, iPod Controls, and Search
 Fully charged lithium ion battery lasts for 90 hours of continuous use
 Bluetooth V2.0 compatible with iOS 3.2 and up
 Charges over USB. Cable INCLUDED

Price N 9,600.00

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