Monday, March 18, 2013

CNN’s inside Africa to Showcase Nigerians Using Technology to Solve Problems

At the just concluded social media week in Lagos, CNN's Errol Barnett shares his findings on how new technology is helping solve problems on Inside Africa. 
InsideAfrica, is CNN’s weekly programme that explores the diversity of different cultures, countries.
This week’s episode will showcase young Africans and how they have been using social media to teach and inspire their fellow peers, as well as innovative technology entrepreneurs and how social media is effecting positive change in Africa. 

The show will air on Friday, March15, 2013, at 6:30pm; repeat broadcast on Saturday: 11:30am; 6:30pm; Sunday: 4:30am, Monday: 5:30am, Wednesday: 8:30am on CNN International.
Errol in a follow-up interview with the first Nigerian he ever interviewed years ago, Amara Nwankpa, who in 2009 was using social media to raise awareness about Nigeria’s unreliable electricity grid, he set up the website "Light up Nigeria," which encouraged people to report disruptions in their power supply.
Errol also interviewed some other young Nigerian entrepreneurs who are using social media and technology to help focus on issues; BosunTijani who is the CEO, Co-Creation Hub in Lagos, Sola Ajayi who is creating an interactive phone application called ‘Efiko’ which means ‘book worm’ designed for students to be able to take self assessment tests on their mobile phones.
Ajayi is not the only thinker coming up with creative solutions. OluseunOnigbinde is the team leader for a group called Onigbinde is part of a group of young Nigerian tech developers on the forefront of social media, who are truly seeking innovative ways to help their community and doing it all with technology.The potential impact of social media in Nigeria is enormous and growing as more people go online.
Also on this week’s episode Ndidi Nwuneli the woman behind leap Africa who was at social media week, speaks about the initiative and how it is empowering students in schools and teachers to solve their own problems.