Thursday, April 11, 2013


By Huffpost Tech
Almost everything about Nintendo's Wii U, the Japanese gaming giant's new home console, makes absolutely no sense.

It's a wacky, stream-of-consciousness nostalgia jamboree, and it feels like the handiwork of a distracted inventor who's just spent five sleepless nights drunk out of their mind on honey liqueur in Shibuya.

Its launch line-up is made up of a bizarre grab-bag of retro and AAA games running on previous-generation hardware -- except for a massive touchscreen-controller that looks like a mid-90s concept videophone. It also has no distinct target audience, no exceptional technology and no obvious role in the living room. And it's pretty pricey.

Luckily, the reason you should buy one is very simple: it's fun. It's so fun. It is a toy from another universe. It's like someone Instagrammed an Xbox and hacked it to play Mario.
It's absolutely wonderful. And for gamers of a certain age, it's quite difficult to play without wanting to weep. Read more...

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