Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GE Committed to Actualizing Federal Government’s Drive to Reform the Energy Sector

President and Chief Executive Officer of General Electric (GE) Nigeria, Lazarus Angbazo has restated the commitment of GE to supporting the Federal Government in actualizing its vision of transforming Nigeria’s power sector.

He made this known at the Presidential Power Reform Transactions Signing Summit which took place at the presidential villa in Abuja on the 22nd of April 2013.

Speaking at the event on sector development, Angbazo highlighted the various agreements which GE had entered into earlier in the year with Nigerian companies in the areas of power generation and transportation. He said, “We are making significant investments towards actualizing the goal of sustainable power generation and this is being done in partnership with other companies through our agreements. We at GE hope to help develop ten thousand megawatts of electricity over a ten year period in addition to what the Federal Government is doing.”

The Presidential Power Reform Transactions Signing Summit brought together various stakeholders in the energy sector and underscored the Federal Government’s commitment to transparency and its renewed emphasis on inclusiveness in core transactions in sustaining the current tempo of transformation in the power sector.

Speaking at the event, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan expressed optimism when he said, “The age long problem of inadequate supply will be brought to an end. We are dealing in a very dedicated way with much overdue infrastructural and corporate upgrades despite the challenges, and despite the challenges, we are making steady progress each day towards permanent and lasting correction. Nigerians must have electricity for domestic and industrial use and there is no turning back”

Today’s event signals a major step forward in the implementation of our Power Sector Roadmap. I congratulate the signing parties for reaching this significant target in our collective efforts to revitalize this sector, which is so important to our lives and development. I must also commend all private sector players for their commitment to and confidence in our economy. Your zeal and presence here today, is an ample proof of your endorsement and confidence in the implementation and progress so far, of our power reform Agenda”, President Goodluck said.

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