Friday, June 7, 2013

Personal Soundtrack Shirt

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt is an amazing new wearable audio solution that features a working speaker embedded into the front of the shirt. When you push the appropriate button on the pocket-able remote you get music or sound effects appropriate for any situation.

To add your own music, simply pop in your own SD memory card loaded with MP3 files to use your own sound effects and music. The Personal Soundtrack Shirt remote has buttons from 1 to 20; each can play a different sound. The file-name of your MP3 file determines which button will be used to play the sound. 

The Personal Soundtrack Shirt can also play sound from your portable audio player through the speaker on the front of the shirt. Simply connect your portable audio player to the audio "input" jack on the battery box of the shirt and power it on (you will need a male-to-male headphone cable, not included). 

The Soundtrack Shirt amplifies your music and you can use the volume control on your portable audio player to control the volume level of the shirt. To wash the shirt, simply  unplug battery pack with remote from cable and remove. Peel Velcro-backed speaker from shirt, pull out cable, and remove. Hand Wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble dry low.
Price – N2, 500.00