Friday, September 20, 2013

Which Gaming Mouse are you currently using?

Best gaming mouse to buy 2013
Nearly every mouse can execute macros (chains of commands such as key presses and mouse clicks) with a single button press. Most of the mice have programming interfaces that allow you to create profiles, tailor them to particular games, and store them in the mouse’s memory. They also have a high dots-per-inch sensitivity for optimal precision and speed. The high-end standard sensitivity these days is about 8200 dpi, and all gaming mice let you tweak the settings to one of various customizable presets.

One day the humble mouse will probably lose out to the touchscreen once and for all as our means for interacting with desktops and laptops, but for many PC and Mac owners the supped-up scrolling companion is still the weapon of choice for gaming.

Whether you’re a Frame Per Second (FPS) shooter lover who demands pin point accuracy or an MMO fiend who yearns for customization and the ability to save multiple gaming profiles, we’ve picked the gaming mice that should cater for all your mouse button-bashing needs. 

Once you have a top gaming mouse, why find which gaming keyboard will take your fragging to the next level.

Best gaming mouse to buy 2013

This laser gaming mouse packs a swish, orange fueled and sleek design with a load of intricate features perfect for PC gamers. The performance is top-notch, you can easily toggle the sensitivity and the cord is durable and tangle-free. A companion piece of software allows you to precisely engineer layered macros for super in-game efficiency.

Price N12,000.00

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