Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vodacom Business Nigeria hosts students on an ICT tour to learn about Cloud Computing

Managing Director, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Mr. Guy Clarke (M) with students of Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba, Lagos during a one day ICT field trip organized by Vodacom Business Nigeria for the Students of Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba in Lagos, recently.

In an effort to further its mission to make its resources available to a broader number of Nigerian students, Vodacom on its “power to you” initiative has extended its ICT field trip and tour opportunities to schools in communities where it operates. 

 Vodacom Business Nigeria typically invites a number of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions to its facility, enabling hundreds of Nigerian students to benefit from complementing their science, computer, engineering and electrical electronics studies with field trips to the company’s facility. February 28th will be remembered by students from the Computer craft trade of the Federal Science and Technical College, Yaba, Lagos as they were taken through the technology and the benefits of cloud computing.

“We are excited that our students were given access to Vodacom’s facility and its excellent educational sessions,” said the Principal Mrs. M.A Nwankwo. “Getting children interested in ICT is very important for our school and coming to an enterprise service provider and learning about ICT first-hand, helps students apply classroom learning to real-life situations and opens opportunities for future careers in ICT for them.”

The field trip included a tour of Vodacom’s data centre, Network design department and Customer support centre. The students, guided by the company’s IT Manager; Tunde Dada, were introduced to virtual hosting, security and Cloud Back-up and Archiving which exposed the students to how Vodacom is able to store and secure large data in a 99.998% uptime environment.

“We’re pleased and proud to host the students of FSTC Yaba in our facility. It is an opportunity that so clearly supports our commitment to youth empowerment through ICT education” said Guy Clarke, Managing Director Vodacom Business Nigeria. “We believe that ICT can address some of the country’s most pressing challenges in Education. There is no better way to drive this change than exposing the youth to the technical, business and leadership skills required for ICT innovations” he said.

It would be recalled that Vodacom opened its doors to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions last year including the students of Grace Schools and Benue State University, on its power to you project aimed at giving the student first-hand experience of ICT at work.