Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best designer sunglasses to buy in 2014

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding

A vintage design with a modern tech twist, these gold detailes Ray-Bans fold in hald at the nose piece and arms to pack away into a tiny leather pouch. It's totally collapsable style. Price: N67,375.00

Cutler and Gross 100                                        

For a 50s look with a modern twist, these retro-inspired specs, handmade in Cadore, Italy, have rounded cat's eye lenses and a hand-polished acetate finish. We prefer the Seaweed Green look, pictured, over the somewhat more traditional tortoisehell. Price: N85,250.00

Carrera 85/S
Tread Balearic boards wearing these aviators with a double-bridghed front. Patented Optyl plastic keeps the weight down, making them ideal for all-day/night sessions. Price: N36,850.00

Maui Jim Breakers

Specially designed for beach bums and sailors, these frames and their selections of sunlight-enhancing lens tints are all saltwater safe, preventing corrosion. Price: N60,225.00 

Oakley Square Wire

These pack hydrophilic unobtanium earsocks - presumably mined from the moon of Pandora- to help them nestle comfortably on your ear. These are lightweight sunnies, for the understated sportsman. Price: N35,750.00

IC Berlin Volksbrille II
These specs from the masters of screwless eyewear not only have carat frames, but proper pimped-out gold mirrored lenses as well. IC Berlin's inclination hinge also adjusts to guarantee a bespoke fit. Price: N74,250.00