Friday, September 19, 2014

Vodacom Tackles Key business IT challenges through Cloud technology

Cloud computing is a leading trend in today’s ICT industry as well as at the forefront when it comes to technology hype. However, indications are that Nigerian businesses still lagging behind, with only a third of them currently using Cloud technology.

According to Nkosi Kumalo, Vodacom’s Executive Head of Cloud and Hosting Services, “Cloud is the ultimate place to do Business. Most CIOs spend their time managing complex IT delivery however, by adopting Cloud technology; corporates have reduced their Total Cost of operation (TCO) and increased productivity. Cloud technology transforms the way we do business”.

He made this statement during his speech on Utilizing Cloud as a key business tool, at the CIO forum sponsored by Vodacom Business Nigeria in Lagos.

Reports show that Cloud uptake is set to explode across Africa. In his keynote presentation, Nkosi Kumalo stated that factors driving Cloud adoption, includes improved connectivity, reduction in IT costs and the retention of key skills. “Companies can no longer afford to invest too much of their CAPEX into IT infrastructure as this is an expensive, long-term investment.”

Despite this increased interest in Cloud technology across Africa, it is evident that the major adaption inhibitor is the security of Cloud computing. Responding to CIOs at the forum who had queries around Cloud security, Kumalo said; “We have taken care of the fears around security; our solutions are designed to incorporate the very latest in security technology. Our Cloud security solution ensures that your business critical applications are safe. We also have Cloud Backup and Archiving Solutions offering customers full redundancy for business continuity and disaster recovery”.

As companies establish confidence in Cloud solutions, they will move more of their solutions into the Cloud, however, to achieve this it is important that enterprises partner with a company that has a robust network and relevant skills to deliver the value that the Cloud promises. Vodacom’s enterprise-class Cloud and hosting solutions enable a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that is ready for growth with 99.982% guaranteed SLA.

Vodacom offers several Cloud technology solutions for any size business including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Cloud Security Solutions and Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions.

“Overall Cloud provides your businesses with an affordable solution to access business critical data and IT solutions when and where you want it. Cloud Solution from Vodacom meets the IT requirements of even the most cost conscious business,” concludes Kumalo.


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