Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vodacom Business launches superior telephony solution for Nigerian businesses

L-R: Product Manager, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Abu Etu; Group Head, IT, PZ Cussons, Serge Yao and Managing Director, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Guy Clarke, at the launch of Vodacom Business Enterprise Voice Solutions held in recently.

Vodacom Business Nigeria has enhanced its enterprise voice suite with the launch of two new solutions, Business Connect and Business Express. These are enterprise-gradefixed telephony solutions made for Nigerian businesses and specifically designed to give superior and cost-effective voice services.

Vodacom Business Connect enables enterprises with existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) infrastructure to make and receive external calls. It integrates seamlessly with the customer’s legacy PBX and supports a wide range of protocols and interfaces including SIP, FXO and E1.
For enterprises without an existing PBX, Vodacom now offers Business Express, which is an IP PBX solution hosted from Vodacom’s data centre. This solution provides businesses with the functionalities of a PBX without the need for any CAPEX investment.

According to Abu Etu, Product Manager, Vodacom Business Nigeria, “The increase in employee mobility and the usage of multiple devices among employees, introduces some complexities that slow down processes in the workplace. Our Enterprise Voice solution allows businesses to communicate with their staff across different devices maintaining one number and dialing behavior, so that every business call is answered”.

Successful business communications in the modern environment require secure real-time collaboration, single phone number reach, and solutions that can ensure mobility while reducing cost. Speaking at the event, Vernon Van Rooyen, Head of Operations, Vodacom Business Nigeria said; “We’ve worked hard to develop the right tools specifically for the businesses in Nigeria. We have regional numbers approved by NCC for all our customers.

In addition, our solution is integrated allowing employees across all departments in an organization to easily locate and communicate with colleagues, which enables them to reach one another anytime, anywhere and on any device. By empowering employees to work more flexibly, not only can overall productivity increase but work/life balance and job satisfaction also improve significantly,”

Vodacom Enterprise Voice Solution comes with an edge that can make a big difference with automatic call hunting between staff, dedicated conference bridge, all at cost effective rates, helping businesses to reduce their telephony expenses.  Customers can answer calls to their office landline number on multiple devices, so they will never miss a business opportunity.


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