Friday, October 3, 2014

Vodacom continues to empower youth through ICT education

DC 1932 ( L-R): Dr Adoghe Anthony, dept of Electrical and Information Engineering Covenant University, Nigeria, Anne Ihugba, Marketing Manager Vodacom Business Nigeria, Olumide Idowu Manager, Network Engineering, Vodaocm Business Nigeria, Engr Adesuyi Richardson, Dept of Electrical and Information Engineering, Covenant University, Nigeria at an Industrial Visit to Vodacom facility in Lagos. 

In its continuous effort to bridge the gap between theories taught in the classroom and real life situations, Vodacom Business Nigeria organized a two day Industrial tour for students from the Department of Engineering and information Technology, Covenant University, Nigeria. 

The visit was aimed at providing first–hand experience and a unique opportunity for the students to gain insight into a working environment related to their field of study. The industrial tour which took place at Vodacom’s offices in Ikoyi focused on “Demystifying Cloud Computing” and students got an in-depth knowledge of Cloud technology, how it works and how it is applied to modern businesses. 


The Managing Director, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Guy Clarke, said “Our commitment is centered on the concept that the more knowledgeable the youth are, the greater their opportunity for employment. We know that Cloud Computing plays a big role in the ICT industry today and it would contribute to the further growth of Nigerian businesses as the technology is gaining wider acceptance in the business world”. According to him, the workshop is one of the company’s many contributions towards the development of skills and job creation opportunities for young people.

Cloud computing will continue to change the world and in many cases, young people drive this process even without knowing it. With millions of youths in Nigeria connected to the Internet, many use cloud through collaboration and social networking tools. There is no better way to encourage this change than exposing the young people to the technical, business and leadership skills required for Cloud technology innovations.


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