Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Vodacom Business Nigeria opens new offices in Ibadan and Kano

Vodacom Business Nigeria, a leading provider of enterprise-class communication solutions, announced today the opening of new offices in Ibadan and Kano. These new offices are part of Vodacom Nigeria’s expansion plans which will strengthen services to customers in these regions and the surrounding areas.
Vodacom Business Nigeria will leverage its extensive national communications network to provide secure and agile communication solutions to customers in these regions. These services include enterprise voice, cloud and hosting solutions as well as machine–to–machine solutions.

Vodacom Business Nigeria’s Managing Director, Guy Clarke said "We expanded into Ibadan and Kano in response to the demand for converged communications. These are thriving markets where companies are investing in cutting-edge telecommunication solutions to increase customer engagement and loyalty.”

The new offices will provide services and support to large-scale enterprise, SMEs as well as public enterprises in Ibadan, Kano and surrounding areas in both cities. “Our solutions will provide businesses in these regions with a single point of contact for their enterprise telephony and data services, all on a single secure network,” Clarke added.

Vodacom offers connectivity, voice, cloud and hosting services from Nigeria’s only certified Tier 3 data center and now business in Ibadan and Kano can enjoy reliable, secure and scalable communication services regardless of their size or location.


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