Sunday, January 18, 2015

Banking giant UBA to benefit from Vodafone's Total Communication Solutions

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc has become the first Nigerian-based multinational to join the ranks of Vodafone Global Enterprise customers. 

Vodafone Global Enterprise is part of the Vodafone Group, dedicated to simplifying the management of global communications for the world's largest multi-national companies. 

UBA, with operations in over 19 countries and over seven million customers, has continuously demonstrated the ability to leverage its capabilities and IT infrastructure to exponentially grow its business across Africa. The move puts UBA among over 1700 of the world's largest enterprises entrusting their communications services to Vodafone Global Enterprise. 

Vodafone Global Enterprise has an industry-leading track record in delivering total communication services to the world's largest multinational corporations. These services are underpinned by our fully integrated fixed and mobile network, cloud-based hosting platforms, Machine to Machine capability and professional services. With hubs throughout Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, Vodafone Global Enterprise has extensive experience of working with complex multinational needs.
Managing Director of Vodafone's Nigerian operations, Guy Clarke, explains that this will provide UBA with a stable and scalable network which is critical for the bank's growth and expansion plans. The partnership is expected to support the bank's goals of becoming more agile and responsive to its customers" says Clarke.

 "We are proud to have entered into this partnership. It is a reflection of our commitment to build a world class seamless organization that is able to drive growth in the critical sectors of the African economy. Our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries as this will result in improved processes and efficiency in the handling of their transactions." said, Phillips Oduoza, UBA's GMD/CEO while speaking on the partnership with Vodafone. 

"Having an important Nigerian company such as UBA as part of our global enterprise customer base shows the growth potential of African companies that are actively taking part in the global marketplace. UBA will now work with one single global service provider that offers total communications across every office and in every market, providing the simplicity of one supplier, one bill, one single global contract and one global point of contact. This not only takes away the pain of expensive, patchwork communications, but also means that game-changing services and applications can be embraced to help provide a competitive advantage", concludes Deon Liebenberg, Executive Vice President of Vodafone Global Enterprise in Africa.


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