Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Facebook amends its takedown guidelines

In other to serve the people better and improve on users’ experience, the US based company, Facebook, has provided the public with more information about what material is banned on its social network.

Its revamped community standards now include a separate section on "dangerous organizations" and give more details about what types of nudity it allows to be posted.

Facebook's global head of content policy, Monika Bicket, said the rewrite was intended to address confusion about why some takedown requests were rejected.

The firm said it hoped the new guidelines would provide "clarity". One of its safety advisers praised the move but said that it was "frustrating" other steps had not been taken.
According to Facebook, about 1.4 billion people use its service at least once a month. The new guide would replace the old one on the firm's website, and will be sent to users who complain about others' posts.


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