Friday, May 22, 2015

Vodacom promotes e-Learning in public and private schools

L-R: Administrator Saints Peter and Paul Nursery and Primary School, Ikate, Elegusi Lekki, Lagos, Barbara Pepoli; Executive Director, Legal and Regulatory Services, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Mrs Nkechi Newton-Denila; Prize Winners from Saints Peter and Paul Nursery and Primary Primary School, Ikate, Elegushi Lekki, Lagos; Senior Manager, Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Mr Abu Etu; and Senior Manager, Network Engineering, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Mr Olumide Idowu, during a one day Information and Communication Technology field Trip to Vodacom Facility in Lagos

Furthering its mission to empower youth through communication technology, Vodacom Business Nigeria hosted fifty-six students from the S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School, Ikate Elegushi on a special tour of the company’s facilities to learn about the cloud computing and the technology behind e-learning.

The students of the S.S. Peter & Paul Nursery and Primary School run by Loving Gaze, an independent non-profit organization, that serves the unprivileged communities in Lagos State, were given the opportunity to learn about new communication technologies and their importance to education. As a practical demonstration of e-learning, the primary five students aged between nine and eleven were introduced to virtual classroom and also communicated with their classmates placed in separate conference rooms located on different floors of the building.

Senior Manager, Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria, Abu Etu,  said, “We promote the education and training for students at primary level of education, empowering them at a much earlier stage of their lives. It is part of our responsibility to prepare these young ones for the post - digital age which will demand technical knowledge and skills”.

The General Manager of Loving Gaze, Barbara Pepoli, who was present at the field trip said; “We are excited that our students had the opportunity and learn new things beyond the walls of the classroom. Getting children interested in technology has been very important for our school and this field trip is a great way to make technology come to life for our students”.

Vodacom Business Nigeria, through its Power to you project, uses industrial tours and field trips to educate students from primary, secondary and tertiary schools on new telecommunications technologies that are driving the economy. The program is aimed at empowering Nigerian youths through ICT.


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