Monday, March 26, 2018

How Strong Visuals Can Enhance Your Content Marketing Results

Perspective from Theresa Behrens Goodall

Great content will drive traffic, engage users, and convert prospects into customers. As more and more conversions are happening online, content marketing strategies are more prevalent than ever. But having a plan that solely focuses on what you are saying and not why and how is a missed opportunity. In fact, incorporating great visuals into your content marketing strategy can dramatically impact your overall success. Here’s just a few things elements like imagery, color, and other design components can do for your content.


Each piece of content you have should help you and your customers achieve your goals. Say you’re developing a travel guide ebook. This should fulfill a user’s goal (“I want ideas on where to travel in my RV”) and help you as part of a larger goal (“I want to be known as a lifestyle brand”).

With goals established, visuals can be used within your content to help guide the user, highlighting information that is most relevant to the question your content is trying to answer. For example, let’s look at Newmar’s RV Resort Guide, a piece of content Element Three created for the luxury RV manufacturer. Before the team even started creating visuals and copy for the guide, a list of information the user would be looking for was made.

It included things like:

LocationBrief, engaging descriptionWhat the resort actually looks like, andQuick facts

Once the most useful information for the user was identified, the content and design could work together to create a piece that quickly communicates information to the viewer. The result? A piece of content that successfully communicated that important information and helped promote Newmar’s brand. Win, win.

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