Wednesday, April 4, 2018


When it comes to customer experience, a business can never do too much. In the digital world, marketers understand that the best customer experiences are created through interactive platforms and personalized messages.

Chatbots provide a way for you to do this and more. Just as you automate and personalize your marketing messages, you can now do the same with your customer interactions through the most loved medium of digital communication (Chat Applications). Loyal customers grow businesses and there is no better way to create loyalty than providing a customized experience to every shopper.
Chatbots (also known as virtual assistants) are chat based software that can have a conversation with a human using pre-programmed messages. Advanced bots such as NIVA use artificial intelligence, to understand complex requests, personalize responses, and improve interactions over time.

If you think the end result sounds robotic and impersonal, you are wrong. There are many benefits your business can experience if you implement Chatbots today.

Improved Customer Service Efficiency.


Many organizations invest their time in crafting FAQs but who actually reads them? No customer service personnel likes to be asked the same question 100 times a day. Would it not be better if your customer service personnel talks to people who actually want to buy?
Chatbots can help you:
  • Solve recurring issues or service-related problems
  • Prevent escalations through preventive interactions
  • Help prospects make buying decisions
  • Provide answers to FAQ in a more interactive manner
  • Eliminates the need to bog down human agents with frequently asked questions.

Case Study

According to a case study by NextIT, Amtrak, a North American based transport company uses Chatbots to answer 5 million questions annually.
Key Stats
  • 800% return on investment.
  • Increased bookings by 25%.
  • Saved $1,000,000 in customer service expenses in a single year.
  • Over 5,000,000 questions answered every year.
  • Bookings through chatbots generate 30% more revenue.

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